Fill Prescriptions from your Doctor

Your pharmacist ~ your medication ally


Fill Prescriptions from your Doctor

Your pharmacist ~ your medication ally

As your pharmacist, I do more than just prepare your prescriptions ~ I am with you every step of the way no matter if you have a minor health issue or a chronic condition.

Filling prescriptions from doctors, physicians, vets,  … and
now, as your pharmacist, I give some prescriptions too! 

Prescription services are at the core of what we do as your pharmacist.

Following are some of the prescription related services Weston Jane Pharmacy provides in helping you and yours achieve health and wellness.

Prescription Transfers

Do you wish to transfer your prescriptions to us? Contact us and we’ll take care of the rest!

Medication for minor ailments and common health problems

Skip visiting your doctor or walk-in-clinic and go directly to your pharmacist for many ailments. Here is the full list of ailments your pharmacist can directly diagnose and provide prescriptions, products, and treatments: Get Prescriptions for Many Ailments

Medication for chronic conditions

If you have a chronic condition and require regular medication, your pharmacist is here to facilitate your day to day. They can extend prescriptions and re-prescribe your medication, as well as show you tools to help you get the most out of your treatment.

Your medication and your safety

Medication should be always be taken according to your pharmacist’s direction, to avoid incidents. See how you can use and dispose of your medication safely.

Prescription Renewals

To save time and never miss a dose, you can renew your prescription in advance using one of the following options your pharmacist has made available to you: the mobile app, online renewals, the medication synchronization service and many others.

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