MedsCheck Program

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MedsCheck Program

The MedsCheck Program at Weston Jane Pharmacy

If you are taking multiple medications, the MedsCheck Program helps to ensure you are getting the best possible benefits from your medications and that you are taking them as prescribed.

Anyone taking a minimum of three medications and who has an Ontario health card is eligible for the MedsCheck Program.

What is The MedsCheck Program?

The MedsCheck program was originally launched in 2007 for Ontarians taking a minimum of three medications for a chronic condition. Today, the program is also available to residents of licensed long-term care homes, people living with diabetes, and home-bound individuals unable to visit their community pharmacy – helping pharmacists reach even more people.

The MedsCheck medication review provides an opportunity for pharmacists to meet one-on-one with patients, helping them to identify and resolve common medication-related issues in order to get the most benefit from their medication.

During this review, pharmacists help patients understand drug names, strengths, adverse effects, and usage instructions, and how to benefit the most from their prescription medications. As part of this service, pharmacists provide patients with an accurate and complete medication list, and share a copy with their primary care provider to support interdisciplinary collaboration in patient care. All MedsCheck services are available to the patient at no charge.

The MedsCheck program currently includes the following types of consultations:

MedsCheck Annual. To be eligible for this program, a patient must have a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card and take three or more prescription medications for chronic health conditions.

MedsCheck for Diabetes. An annual MedsCheck for Ontarians diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and is taking medications for this condition. The requirement of taking 3 or more chronic prescription medications is not included in the program criteria. Patients are also eligible for multiple Diabetes Education follow-up consultations throughout the year in order to support diabetes management including insulin education, blood glucose meters and test strips, diabetic supplies, sharps disposal and diet/lifestyle management.

MedsCheck at Home. This annual service is available to Ontarians who take a minimum of three prescription medications for a chronic condition and who are physically unable to visit a community pharmacy.

MedsCheck Long-Term Care (LTC). Ontario residents of a licensed long-term care (LTC) home are eligible for an annual, in-depth interdisciplinary medication review and quarterly medication reviews. The annual review may replace one quarterly review. Both reviews are to be conducted in the LTC home by the pharmacist.

MedsCheck Follow-up. An additional MedsCheck consultation that is provided to a patient within a one-year timeframe is referred to as the MedsCheck Follow-up. The MedsCheck Follow-up builds on the annual MedsCheck and may be conducted:

  • When a patient is discharged from hospital
  • Upon a pharmacist’s documented decision
  • If requested by a physician, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner
  • Before a planned hospital admission

MedsCheck forms and tools

To assist you in carrying out the MedsCheck program, the Ontario Pharmacists Association has developed a collection of forms and reference tools.

MedsCheck was developed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in collaboration with the Ontario Pharmacists’ Association and the Ontario Pharmacy Council.  For more information about eligibility for any of the MedsCheck programs, visit the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care website.

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