Monitoring & Assessments

keeping an eye on your progress


Monitoring & Assessments

Keeping an eye on your progress

As your pharmacist, we are your partner in health, and we continue to work with you to ensure you receive the best possible results in your health and wellbeing. We will review your current medication and treatment to further optimize your health outcomes and give you the right tools to take your health into your own hands.

Monitoring & Assessments

As your pharmacist we will guide you

We can prescribe and execute certain tests to make sure your treatment is working for you. We will also help you keep your condition in check with monitoring tools and advice.


Whether you have prediabetes, diabetes or are newly diagnosed, many tests exist to ensure your blood sugar is well under control and that your treatment is working well.

Heart Health

If you are taking medication for a heart condition, your pharmacist can suggest some tests to determine if your blood pressure or cholesterol is well managed or to see if adjustments to your treatment are necessary.

Respiratory Health

If you have asthma or are experiencing strep throat symptoms, talk to your pharmacist about tests to ensure your respiratory health is in order.

COVID-19 Testing

Discover our COVID-19 testing services, whether you are an at-risk asymptomatic person or an interested traveler.

We have free COVID-19 tests.

Monitoring Blood Pressure and more

The HealthAssist is a medical device, certified by Health Canada, that enables our patients to monitor their health and track their results. It offers six health indicators that our patients can do on their own: click here for more info

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