Wellness Consultations

navigate life-changing events in your health


Wellness Consultations

Healthy body, healthy mind

As your pharmacist, I truly believe in this and I provide personal consultations to help you reach your wellness goals and navigate life-changing events in your health.

Wellness Consultation Services

Need support? Look no further.

Book a private consultation with your pharmacist to assess your personal situation.

Weight Loss

If you’re thinking about losing weight, your pharmacist can shed a light on helpful products and make sure your medication doesn’t make you gain weight as a side effect.

Travel Health

Your pharmacist is the key to a healthy trip. All your needs are covered for you to leave with a peace of mind: vaccination depending on your destination, tips on how to travel with medication, advice on essential items to always have on hand.

Compression Socks

There are many good reasons to use compression socks, whether you have poor blood circulation, want to soothe heavy and tired legs or are planning to take a long flight. Your pharmacist will help you choose the right model, size and material for the best fit possible.

Methadone Clinic

We can help!

Methadone is an opioid medication used to treat severe pain and opioid addiction.

Mental Health Support

Your pharmacist offers private consultations. They will assess your current medication, talk about alternative options and make sure your side effects are not disruptive. They can act as a bridge between you and your doctor, so you can focus on your recovery.

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